Late/Absence Procedures


We believe that a good attendance at school gives children the best opportunity to develop as individual both academically and socially. Our target for individual attendance over the year is 96%. We understand that at times, there are reasons such as illness or for important medical appointments, that it is not possible for your child to attend school but it is important that you inform us at the earliest opportunity if your child will not be attending school. 


It is important that to maximise teaching time that we start the school day promptly. Registration starts at 8:45AM and closes at 8:50AM. Any child arriving after this time will be recorded as being late.

Our official register closes at 9:10AM and children arriving in school after this time will be marked as late after register closed. This is recorded as an unauthorised absence.

End of Day Procedures

Occasionally parents or carers are unable to arrange for their children to be picked up at the expected time at the end of the day. We would ask parents and carers to inform the school office at the earliest opportunity if you know you are going to be late for whatever reason. If you do not make contact, we will follow the procedure in our safeguarding policy to keep your child safe. You can find a link to our policies at the bottom of this page.

Medical Appointments

We ask that, where possible, appointments are made outside of teaching time or where the impact on learning in school is minimised (end of morning, or end of day). If possible, please return your child to school after the appointment. When children are absent for registration in the morning or afternoon, that session is recorded as an absence.


We encourage you wherever possible to bring your child to school. We can normally manage with minor colds and snuffles with enough tissues! If your child is ill, please telephone the school office by 9:30 so we can complete the register appropriately. We operate a first day call system so if you do not make contact with the school we will use our contact list for your child to find out why they are not attending.

The only time we will ask you to refrain from bringing your child to school is if they have experienced sickness or diarrhoea in the last 24 hours. This is to avoid cross infection and creating more illness as a result.


Because every day in school is an essential learning opportunity our school strongly encourages all parents and guardians to use school holiday time for family holidays. We will only authorise holidays in term time on an exceptional basis. Please complete the form below to make a request for holiday leave. The maximum leave that can be authorised is 10 school days.