As a Church School we have a form of worship every day. Worship takes place either as a whole school (via Zoom or Microsoft teams) or in classes.

We take a creative approach to learning via cross-curricular and independent learning sessions as well as teaching explicit subject lessons such as English, Maths and Science in both Key Stage One and Two.

At Dean School we have a cross curricular approach and adapt our teaching in responsive to pupils' needs and interests.

English and Maths are taught as subjects but are also embedded in other subjects across the school day.

In Key Stage 1 we use the scheme Read, Write Inc to teach phonics, spelling, reading and writing.  This is continued for spelling in Key Stage 2.  We also use Accelerated Reader to monitor progress in reading.

Writing is a particular focus and is taught through a lively, practical approach.  Read, Write Inc spelling is used from Years 2 to 6 as a basis for the teaching of spelling.  Accelerated Reader is used to track individual progress and support the development of good comprehension skills in reading.

In Mathematics, we practice fluency, reasoning and problem solving and use the White Rose Maths approach and resources.

When delivering our curriculum in mixed year group classes we ensure that each child will cover all aspects of the National Curriculum during their time in the relevant Key Stage. 

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum we are following as a school please feel free to ask a member of teaching staff. 

General Aims of the Curriculum 

To provide a secure and stimulating environment in which each child will have the opportunity to develop his or her potential.


To develop in each child the ability to read fluently and accurately, with understanding, feeling, pleasure and discrimination.

To help the child communicate clearly and to express him/herself with confidence; in speech and writing, in ways appropriate for various occasions and purposes.

To assist each child to develop a neat legible style of handwriting and satisfactory standards of spelling, syntax, punctuation and usage.

To develop the child's ability to acquire information from various sources and to record information and results in various ways.


To help each child to develop a sound understanding of basic mathematical skills and concepts and to apply these in various situations.

To develop in each child an appreciation of mathematics and a realisation of its importance in everyday life. 

To record information and results in various ways. 


To gain a knowledge of, interest in, and care for the environment and to seek to develop an enquiring mind and a scientific approach to problems. 


To prepare the child to meet the needs of the 21st century; to stimulate originality, enterprise, practical capability in design and the adaptability needed to cope with a rapidly changing society.


To develop practical skills in the use of computing and enable the child to have the ability to apply these skills across the whole curriculum.

Spiritual, Moral and Cultural Education

To foster the child's spiritual development.

To develop in each child an awareness of the Christian church and other religions.

To develop the child's knowledge of moral, cultural and social values.

As a school we follow the Diocese of Carlisle RE units of work. All topics will be covered within a two-year period. 

Social Development

To help the child to appreciate the importance of friendliness, fairness, punctuality, loyalty, politeness, honesty and the self respect of a neat, clean appearance. 

Aesthetic Awareness and Skills

To encourage in the child an appreciation of the Arts and to develop their creative abilities through music, art and craft, stories and drama. 

Physical Education

To develop in each child physical skills and mental co-ordination, self-control and confidence and to experience enjoyment and satisfaction at all levels of physical education through a variety of experiences.  


To help the child to learn and understand about their own environment and that of others through projects involving historical and geographical studies and to give them the skills to observe and handle artefacts and evidence in order to assess their relevance and authenticity.  

Safety Education

To develop an awareness of the hazards of everyday life and to promote award schemes within the school such as Road Safety, Swimming, Personal Survival and Cycling Proficiency. 


To establish an environment within which all children, staff, members of the Local Governing Body and parents can work with each other for the successful achievement of these aims. At Dean we aim to encourage a society based upon respect and understanding. Every member of staff within school shares a responsibility for the pastoral care of the pupils. The ideals of caring and sharing help foster a welcoming learning and valued environment. 


One of our primary aims is to promote respect and responsibility and to encourage our pupils to be good citizens. Within the classroom this is recognised and constantly reinforced by all staff. 


If you wish to find out any further information about our curriculum, please feel free to speak to your child's class teacher.