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School Council

Our school councillors meet every few weeks in school. They take the thoughts and suggestions of other children to a meeting and make decisions on behalf of all pupils at Dean School.


Candidates have to present a speech to persuade other children in the school to choose them to be nominated for the role of school councilor at the beginning of each academic year. 


This year we would like to give children the opportunity to message the school council online as well as face-to-face in school.  


Please use this form to contact our council. Children can use their school email address or a home email address with parents. 

School Council

Our achievements so far this year..


The new school council was formed in September. It has two children from each class, and two Year 6 children. 

These are some of the things you've asked us to do so far this year, and what we did:


You said: We want to know what the dinners are for this week.

We got the menus and post them on our display each week, so you can see as you go down to the dinner hall. 


You said: We want more toys in the play box at lunchtime. 

We put some more toys in, and have become trained playleaders in Class 4 to help organise activities.


Mr Fasham asked us to choose a reward for the school for reaching 2000 dojo points. 

We decided to have a den making afternoon, with a really big den in the hall. 


You said: We want more toys to play with at Wet Play.

We asked the PTA to fund some more games we can play together.