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Who's Who

Mr Chris Rafferty - Acting Headteacher


Teaching Staff:

Mrs Caroline Mansfield & Mr S Howes - Class 1 Teacher 

Miss Andrea Brimelow - Senior Teacher, SENCo and Class 2 Teacher (Year 1 and 2) 

Miss Rachel Bryant - Class 3 Teacher (Year 3, 4 and 5)

Mr Lee Marshall - Class 4 Teacher (Year 6)


Teaching Assistants:

Ms Tess McElroy - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nicola Golding - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Karen Rhodes - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Carol Nevinson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jenny Kemp - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Joyce King-Teaching Assistant (After School Club)

Miss Stacey Johnston-Teaching Assistant (After School Club)

Miss Maegen Durham - Apprentice


Office Administrator:

Mrs Louise Mills


Kitchen Staff:

Mrs Jill Burgess

Miss Sharon Taylor

Mrs Karen Rhodes


Mid-day Supervisors:

Miss Sharon Taylor

Mrs Karen Rhodes

Mrs Nicola Golding



Miss Cassie McDonald


We also have a lot of experience from parent volunteers, student teachers and pupils on work experience - a big thank you to all!