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Wordsworth Young Poet Competition


We have recently entered the 'Wordsworth Young Poet Competition'. We considered the title, 'Deep Waters', and then wrote free verse. Here are some of our entries: 


Deep down, below the surface,

Beneath the churning of the waves,

Lies the darkness still and silent,

Swirling in the murky depths


Sparkling beams of silver streaks

Cascade through the shimmering water,

Mist dances in the moonlit spray,

Only to be swept away by a restless breeze


A wild current thunders past,

Rippling in the foaming surf

Mysterious are the deep waters,

Mysterious they will always be.

By J


The murky water has not been explored

What is in the unknown aquatic city?

Is there light or are there lost souls?

Is it something I’m made for?

Water is every where - don’t let it get you

We don’t know how far you will go

Will you float or will you drown in the dark sea?

Darkness is what you fear the most

It will overcome you

I wonder where it will take you

Was it the lost sailor’s soul?

The thunderous howls of the fishermen’s crew wake the beast in its slumber

Turquoise waters turn to a monster’s mouth

The mouth that eats sailors

Silence is appearing in its feast

Under the water there are monsters

Are sea-dragons a myth?

If it sees you, you won’t live another minute

It is deep water.

By K


Viking Assembly


On Friday the 9th of September, a gentleman, who was named David, from Tullie house, came to teach KS2 about the Vikings .With him, he brought replicas of real artifacts, all students found it interesting and worth listening to. David was only here for an hour, yet with all the knowledge of the Vikings he was bringing it felt like a life-time of incredibly interesting facts, everybody was grateful for all of his historic facts. He told us that there was this bloke, who had a metal detector, who found two women's brooches. After he found the two brooches he reported it to Tullie house and they sent out archaeologists and they found one viking grave skeleton and more and the search went on and they found loads more. The replica of the chainmail  was immensly heavy and with the replica he let the students hold a sword with  Viking carves at the bottom or well decorated patterns . With all of this passing of replicas he let us hold a women's and men's leather shoe with a woolly sock in the males. After, he picked three children to come and try on some women's and men's costumes on; it was very funny watching them. 


By D & A, Class 4.