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Class 4 - Year 6

Spring 2

Welcome back to the second half of the Spring term. Leading up to Easter, our topic focus will be all about where our food comes from. Furthermore, we will be entering the BBC Radio 2 500 word competition. I look forward to reading the amazing short stories that they produce. 

Spring 1

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable festive break. Take a look at our subject overview for the next 6 weeks.


Autumn 2

This half term, our focus is, 'Our Island Nation'. We will be looking at the United Kingdom and in particular, we will be learning about towns, cities, counties, rivers and mountains.



Autumn 1


Welcome back to our new Year 6 class.  


Our question this half term is 'Who first lived in Britain?'. We're going to be travelling back to prehistoric times to look at what life was like in the Stone Age right through to the Iron Age.


Take a look our Knowledge Organiser below which gives some detail about the periods in time we will be learning about. You can also see our class overview for this half term giving you an idea of what your child will be doing before the October half term.


Spellings and homework will be given out weekly with spellings being checked on a Monday morning. PE will continue to be taught on a Thursday but some weeks there will be an extra lesson so it is important that kits are in school at all time; these can be taken home and washed during the holidays.



100 Word Challenge


Miss Bryant set us a challenge to write a story with 100 words. It could be about anything we wanted, but it had to include the line 'and then the door swung open'. Here is one of our stories: 


I sat, frozen in fear, against the crumbling wall. Thump, thump, thump. The sound of my heart beat echoed across the room. Thump, thump, BANG. This time, it was the sound of strong, heavy footsteps climbing their way up the rotting staircase. My whole body was shaking. I could feel the beads of sweat running down my forehead. The footsteps stopped. The only thing protecting me was the rusty, metal door hanging in front of me. I watched, petrified, as the lock slowly started to turn. But it got stuck. I heard a muffled voice... and then the door swung open.