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Class 4 - Year 5 and Year 6

Some pictures of our year so far...

Summer Term

This term our question is 'What makes our area special?' We're going to be visiting Wordsworth House and finding out about some of the famous people from our area, as well as looking at the history of the region and what it was like living here during WW2. 

We're also visiting Workington Magistrates Court and taking part in a mock trial. 

Class 2, 3 and 4 are all competing against each other growing potatoes! We are pretty sure we're going to win - our potato plants are looking strong and healthy. When our potatoes are grown, we are going to be making them into savoury recipes. 

Our Class Story this term is 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll. 

Spring Term

Welcome back from your Christmas break!  


This half term we are going to be asking 'Will I ever see the water I drink again?' In this question, we will be studying the water cycle as well as looking at how water is transported through our own bodies. Using and improving our modelling skills, we will be creating vases from clay and finding out about vases throughout history. 


Our class book is 'Love That Dog' by Sharon Creech 


Trips this term are various sporting activities at Cockermouth School and the Sands Centre, Carlisle.  


In the second half term, we are going to be asking 'How are Mountains Formed?' and even walking up Fleetwith Pike, at the end of Buttermere. We will be designing mountain zipwires and thinking about the impact of tourism on the Lake District. 




Autumn 2


Welcome back to school after your half term break! These next few weeks we will be studying the desert environment, with our question - What's in the desert? We are going to create dune buggies with working motors, combining our Science topic which is 'Electricity and Circuits' with our Geography. 


Year 6 will be starting their enterprise project, where they are making Christmas decorations to sell at the Carol Service and Nativity. 


Our class book is 'Holes' by Louis Sachar, and we will be doing some writing based on the book as well as biographies of explorers. 

Autumn 1


Welcome back to our new Year 5 and 6 class.  


Our question this half term is 'Were the Vikings really Vicious?'. We're going to be asking questions about different types of evidence, designing and creating our own longboats and even meeting a real Viking!


In Science, we are studying Earth and Space. Children will be given a moon diary to complete, so watch this space for budding astronomers!

Homework will be given out on Tuesdays to be returned on Mondays. Spellings are also given out weekly, to be checked on Monday mornings. PE sessions are Mondays and Thursdays, and PE kits should be in school all week.


We will soon be planning our trip to London, which takes place in the summer term. Trips this term are to the Buddhist temple in Ulverston to learn more about Buddhism, and to Cockermouth school to take part in arts and sports events. 


100 Word Challenge


Miss Bryant set us a challenge to write a story with 100 words. It could be about anything we wanted, but it had to include the line 'and then the door swung open'. Here is one of our stories: 


I sat, frozen in fear, against the crumbling wall. Thump, thump, thump. The sound of my heart beat echoed across the room. Thump, thump, BANG. This time, it was the sound of strong, heavy footsteps climbing their way up the rotting staircase. My whole body was shaking. I could feel the beads of sweat running down my forehead. The footsteps stopped. The only thing protecting me was the rusty, metal door hanging in front of me. I watched, petrified, as the lock slowly started to turn. But it got stuck. I heard a muffled voice... and then the door swung open.